(BY CHRIS YANDEK · for www.cyinterview.com JANUARY 4, 2007) CY: Besides being a performing artist you are also a successful painter. Tell me about your artwork that has been shown in many different art galleries and what motivated you to paint? BY: “Well, I always painted. I won a contest when I was 12 in New York. I painted and I get so much excitement out of it. I am color driven, sometimes a beautiful woman. I had the pleasure of my own choices. I don’t get edited. We have a website and I have exhibits in Montreal. I am supposed to go to Moscow. I am looking at my work. I just had to empty out a good part of my house. I couldn’t walk. I am prolific. Even when I was doing Rocky Balboa, I was painting in the Four Seasons in the bathtub.” ALI-ali-5thgym CY: Finally, what would you like to say to the loyal Rocky fans that watched you through six movies? BY: “Thank you. Don’t ever count us down. As crazy as Stallone is, there might be another. Thanks for having us. We really appreciate it very…very much.” Rocky Balboa is out on DVD now. You can check out www.rocky.com for more information on the movie. Burt’s current available artwork can be seen at: Burt Young’s Artwork and Collectibles!