Check out this tell all interview with Burt Young, Rocky’s Uncle Paulie, as he sits with Karlovy Vary…the interview covers a bit of everything…from his early, pre Rocky, days (including why he started acting in the first place!) and did I hear mention of Maryln Monroe!! Great stuff Paulie!!

BURT YOUNG: Uncle Paulie!! Burt plays Rocky’s Brother in law, Paulie Pennino, and he is Adrian’s older brother and Rocky Balboa’s best friend. He is an alcoholic and is not afraid to lose his temper when the opportunity arises. Most of the time he does that out of jealousy towards his friends and family, and he feels like they owe him for their success. Despite this, he cares about his friends and family, and he will stand up for Rocky if someone insults him It was because of Paulie that Rocky met, dated, and married his sister Adrian, and it was at the meat factory Paulie worked at where Rocky began his unique training method of punching the meat carcasses. Paulie also distracted the ringside security guards so Adrian could embrace Rocky in the ring after his fight with Apollo Creed was over. By the time of Rocky Balboa, (2006) Paulie is back working at his former meat-packing job. Initially skeptical of Rocky’s desire to return to fighting after a fifteen-year hiatus, Paulie becomes fully supportive when he’s laid off from the factory. He’s later seen helping the older Rocky train along with running his restaurant, Adrian’s, which was named after his sister. A scene that was edited out of the final film shows Paulie weeping over the death of his sister and his sense of failure. When Rocky decides to fight Mason “The Line” Dixon, Paulie again becomes his cornerman and compliments him after the match. And HEY!! PAULIE’S NOT DEAD!!