The Rocky Film Series surely remains one of the most iconic big-screen ventures ever! Pop culture and media hounds all agree that it has stood the test of time and the series was so nicely spread out over the decades, since its inception in 1976, that people of the Rocky generation feel as though they have grown with the series! Spanning 1976 to 2015…Fans of the Italian Stallion and its surroundings have never been more satisfied. But we always wonder if there will ever be MORE!!!! STEPS-title But let’s take a look at the beginning…When it all started. Sylvester Stallone’s conceptual beginning had many skeptics waving their fingers. Stallone has been cited over the years saying that frustration for acceptance almost derailed the whole project. But we all know Sly’s beautifully stubborn ways…Let’s take a look at the first ROCKY movie…1976.