Remember Mickey Goodmill from the Rocky Film Series? The quick wit and short fuse fireball at Mighty Mick’s Boxing? Mickey’s gravelly voice, intense demeanor and popular catch phrases helped make him highly recognizable as well as a common source of parody and satire in the movies and pop culture in general! Burgess-1 But who was Mickey?? Oliver Burgess Meredith  known professionally as Burgess Meredith…has an amazingly extensive career in film, television, on stage and in the community! Active for more than six decades, Meredith has been called “a virtuosic actor”… and “one of the most accomplished actors of the century”.  A life member of The Actors Studio by invitation, he won several Emmys, was the first male actor to win the Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actor twice, and was nominated for two Academy Awards. Burgess-old In “real life” Meredith served in the United States Army Air Corps in World War II, reaching the rank of captain.  He was also an avid environmentalist who believed pollution was one of the greatest tragedies of the time, and was a major opponent of the Vietnam War.  Meredith died at age 89 of Alzheimer’s disease and melanoma in his home in Malibu, California on September 9, 1997.