Boxing is the undisputed champion of the sports films category By Dylan B. Tomlinson 

Breaking down the top 10 Boxing Movies!!

Whether it’s Jake Lamotta, Micky Ward, Muhammad Ali, Rubin Carter, or James Braddock, there has never been a shortage of fascination in the boxers who have won, or contended for titles. Their lives are so fascinating, in and out of the ring, that boxing seems to produce more biography pictures than every other sport combined. The lives of all the aforementioned boxers have been turned into classic, even iconic, films.

top10-header While all of the top boxing films are not based on true stories, our fascination with the sport is a reason why the fictional Rocky Balboa is one of the most recognizable characters in movie history. Maggie Fitzgerald of Million Dollar Baby is another instance of a fictional boxing character whose story went on to win multiple Oscars. The list of great boxing movies – fiction, non-fiction and documentaries – is a long one. Here is a breakdown of some of the best.